When loved ones die it is hard for those left behind, especially those who the deceased trusted to appoint as executors of the estate, who are then left with the difficult work of sorting out the paperwork, applying for probate and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries. Usually, those people are the closest to the deceased, someone loved and trusted and therefore someone going through the grieving process after their loss.

Sometimes, those appointed as executors of the estate don’t feel able to cope with the process emotionally, or sometimes would just rather leave it in the hands of a professional.

KLL have experienced capable solicitors who can advise on and deal with the process of obtaining a grant of probate.

KLL will always offer an initial telephone consultation to enable the solicitor to assess your needs, and to offer initial advice and assistance. Thereafter dependent upon the circumstances KLL can usually offer fixed affordable fees, which will vary depending on the value of the estate, and whether a full Inheritance Tax account will be required.

If there is no Will and the deceased died as what is known as ‘intestate’ KLL will be able to advise on who will be entitled to act as administrators of the estate, who in cases where there is no Will will take on the role equivalent to the executors of a Will, who will have to apply for a grant of administration (equivalent to a grant of probate). KLL can also assist in the process of obtaining a grant of administration and advise on the appropriate distribution of the estate, which is governed by the ‘Rules of Intestacy’ which is a strict formula which must be followed if there is no Will to determine which family members are entitled to inherit the deceased’s estate.

Again, all cases KLL will be able to advise whether an Inheritance Tax account will be required and will usually be able to offer fixed affordable fees.

Dealing with a loved one’s affairs after their death can be a complicated and worrying process. Why not let KLL take the strain?